My self santosh setty from Hyderabad, India. Freelance web developer/designer with 3 years of experience.

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about me

I started my carrer in 2007 as web designer for a small designing company...

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what i do ?

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  • web designing
  • graphic designing
  • seo
  • markup services
  • application development


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recent projects

  • Styled Menus

    Styled Menus

    Styled Menus ia a css menu libary has a w3c complaint and valid menus which are ready for use, wasy for customization.

    This site is been started by me and my friend sainath chillapuram on november 27, 2008. Now it has a collection of 41 menus including horizontal and vertical css menus.

  • Blogger Showcase

    Styled Menus

    Blogger Showcase is the first showcase gallery for blogger powered blogs. It also provides inspiration for blogger designers.

    I started this site has an hobby, but now it has showcased 100 awesome blogger blogs.

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